Here is a glimpse of what I had to work with the other day:
I decided to clean out a few specifically cluttered areas of the house. Nothing better to do since nobody will hire me and I have filled out all the applications for all of the jobs that are available in or around Fishers. It at least feels like I have.
Anyways, I cleaned out the “junk drawers” in the kitchen:

And I also cleared out the garage area so that it’s easier to walk back there:

We have acquired a lot of things from my mom since she is moving. Table saw, another kind of saw, air compressor, edger (that we don’t want), and more.
She still has a ton of things at her house we have yet to go pick up, like: dining room table, dining room hutch, china (eek this one makes me nervous!), two living room couches and a dresser and night stand (for guest bedrooms). Anyone have a flatbed trailer? 😉 It’s going to be lots of trips and really nerve-wrecking since I don’t want to scratch or damage the fragile stuff.
I’ve totally been in “cleaning” mode for a few weeks now. I’m not talking scrub-the-toilets or vaccuming clean; I’m talking about unpacking and organizing stuff. That is one of my favorite things to do around the house. Yeah, I know, I’m a nerd (but so is Brad so it works out perfectly).
The other day I packed up the four black storage containers (you know, the fancy schmancy ones that hold flour, sugar, etc on top of the counter). None of them were being used and they took up a ton of counterspace.
Also, I decided to open and unpack the little kitchen spice kit I received, I think, for our wedding. I love using spices. I’ve always been the type to just buy it and be happy. I probably still have some spices that have followed me through college .. yikes!
I thought I wouldn’t use this package as I was opening it, but it was just so darn cute! I am trying it and it is growing like weeds on my kitchen table (that’s the best place for sunlight anywhere near my kitchen). The picture above is after only 3 days!! The picture below was after 5-6 days or so. These little guys grow fast!!!

From left to right: Basil, Thyme, and Sage (I think)

Seems like these two are growing and the other one is taking its sweet time. Oh well.
Also, my next few projects are the “junk drawers” in the kitchen (I know we all have those .. unfortunately) and the garage. Remember the original garage storage? Looks like this now:
Yeah, you can’t even walk back there. And Brad wants to buy a newer, bigger boat?! Not right now, sir.
My husband loves to fish. He isn’t to the point where it’s obsessive (and he has indicated he doesn’t want it to get to that point either). Thankfully he doesn’t have the compulsive nature of his dad who fishes every weekend the water isn’t frozen over.
He has his dad’s old boat. It’s 70’s-yellow in color and he can be the only one to drive it because you have to know how to get the motor going. It’s only 70 horsepower (I don’t have any comparison) but he is looking into getting a much more reliable boat (which isn’t saying much because even a dingy would be more reliable) and one that also is a lot newer.
No, we didn’t win the lottery last night.
No, I still have not found a job .. unfortunately.
So I’m really not sure why he wants to buy a boat .. especially right before winter when he can’t even use it. I know that is something that he wants to teach our kids to do and just for us to be able to go out on the lake with whenever we want. He has friends that fish and I have friends that have boyfriends/husbands that fish so he really enjoys having a boat. We would get good use out of it, I’m just skeptical on the price tag since I am unemployed.
I kinda-sorta feel bad that every time we have gone out fishing together, I tend to kick his ass. 😉

That little fish may not look like much to anyone, but it’s the only fish anyone caught all day. In my eyes, that makes me the winner for that morning. Haha.
Oh and that is the first fish I caught that I actually touched. I finally got over my fear of flopping fish and biting and scales cutting my hands! WOOHOO!
This fish was only about 9-inches so it wasn’t a “keeper” but I have caught keepers before. A fish is a fish is a fish, to me anyways.
Welcome to San Juan, Puerto Rico. In my opinion, this was the worst stop and the most boring. I would never come back here unless I was actually doing some kind of prepaid tour (ah hem.. Bacardi Factory Tour). This was another place we decided to not do a tour and boy do we regret it!!
Although beautiful, it was still boring. We roamed the streets looking for places to shop…

Of course we found the Golden Arches, but Brad didn’t want to eat there. I mean, how many people can really say that they’ve eaten McDonald’s in Puerto Rico?

The streets were very narrow, but very pretty.

We did find a tattoo place (I was looking for new plugs since my ears are gauged). Of course they had one pair, metal, ugly, that were one size too big. FIGURES! I guess it’s only in America where the gauging is popular.

We did find some other beautiful government buildings. I can’t remember what these are.

And of course we had to see what the “Penny Vendors” were offering. I did find a pretty, bright-red necklace but I couldn’t think of anything I would wear it with. Oh well.

Oh how this monument reminds me of home (the circle downtown).

This was a really cool looking tree! It looked like the roots were out of the ground.

One more picture before getting back on board .. at NOON. Like I said, it was pretty boring and the shops really sucked.

So we went back on board and went to play in the cornhole tournament and WON!!!! YAYY!! Of course I can never play as good as I did on board .. at home. Why? I have no idea. I think the rocking of the boat helped. ;p

Bye, bye PR! You won’t be missed!

And then at dinner, our waiter danced with a plate on top of his head. It was quite entertaining.

We dressed up in old fashioned clothes with our tablemates.

We went to the disco to join our fellow “White Team” members to learn about a ship-wide contest.

This was our team sign .. W .. for White Team. LOL “When I say White, you say Team…. WHITE”
Yes, that was our team chant. I think the Blue Team had the best chant: “BLUE, there it is!” (just like the woop, there it is song)

And the guys did Karaoke. As you can see we had to dress in white (we obviously didn’t get the memo) but the rest of our team decided to wear our bathrobes from our staterooms. It was very entertaining.

Only two more whole days on the ship and we’re home. =)
I can barely remember why I started this blog in the first place. Recently I have just been babbling on about my boring life, but I finally remembered that I started this to share our progress on our new home, updates and the “foreclosure story.” So far what we all have learned is:
1. Brad and I will NEVER EVER buy a foreclosure again (too much hassle and work).
2. 3,300 square feet is a LOT of rooms to clean.
3. With only my husband having a job, all of our updating projects (aka the gross, stained carpet replacement downstairs) have come to a screeching halt.
4. (non-house related) We may or may not be “trying” if you know what I mean.
Speaking of which, I have been wanting to hang these curtains I stole took with us from our first home. I knew I wanted them in the baby’s guest room so on Friday we went to BBB and bought a little $30 curtain rod. If you don’t already know, BBB takes their 20% off coupons all year round. I actually used one from last Christmas that expired 1/2010. She didn’t even look at it. SCORE!
Above is the final project, that I might add I did completely by myself! I probably would have needed Brad if it wasn’t screwed into a stud (for some reason wall anchors and I don’t get along .. at all).
Below is the close-up of the curtain rod. We didn’t find one that we absolutely had to have, but this one we had in our old house so we thought it would be cute. Okay, that is a lie; I thought it would be cute and I had to get Brad on board.

Ironically I think this is the same curtain rod and the same exact color paint. The woman that decorated had AMAZING taste at our first house. So much so that I planted all the same plants in our front yard from that house. I had a blank slate with pretty much everything here so why not!?
On another side note, my mom is moving and putting her house up for sale. She has a ton of leftover carpet so we are taking some of that and putting it in the garage for winter! Anyone else want some?
Also, I took a box of her leftover backsplash tiles and she probably has enough that Brad and I could do a backsplash on our center island! I’m such a bargain-hunter! LOL