Welcome to my new blog! I decided that I just needed a new place to let it all out and show off my new domesticated skills; especially after all this fabulous kitchen “gear” we will be getting after the wedding. So far a blender and cake plate. I guess I will have to start learning how to bake. No more boxed stuff. Crap. I’ll never live up to my mom’s cooking but I sure as hell can try!

I have a doggy play date for Cato tomorrow with a friend from work who has a Newfoundland puppy although she already towers over my dog at a whopping 108lb!!! Cato, my dog, is only about 83lb. Should be fun. I am giving her our kiddie pool that Cato doesn’t use because he is totally afraid of water. Kahlua (the Newfie) gets in the bathtub and stares at the faucet until you turn on the water. My friend took a picture and it’s freaking adorable!!

I will probably post pictures in spurts since my camera memory card is messed up and I won’t be getting one until the honeymoon which is about a month away. I will do my best though.