Okay, the first picture is my shower and the first time ALL of my bridesmaids were together! From the left, my MOH Colleen (who doesn’t look thrilled because she forgot a lot of things and food and was really upset about it but it didn’t matter in the end). Then is my sister Katelyn. Me. Brad’s sister Rachael. Far right is my bff from college Tara. I told her after seeing this picture that I am kicking her out of the wedding party bc she is too tan it makes me look ghostly. Totally unfair. I don’t have time to spend in the sun. I don’t even remember what sunshine feels like. Sad..

And it happened! I thought I was going to cry. I thought I was going to have to come back after today. Actually my dress fit so good I thought I should lose some weight so I could maybe breathe in it. I think that would probably be a good thing. I am now more than ever motivated to go jogging with Cato (my dog) in the mornings!! He loves it; I need it. My legs need it! I am sure the people that will have to look at my cottage cheese ass for seven days on a cruise ship will appreciate it.