First off, it was my fiance’s birthday so HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY BABY!!! Here is a picture of us at Maggiano’s last year and the second pic is from today. Memmmorrriiieeess! =)



I am not sure what RSVP really means. I think it means “please make up your mind last minute and don’t bother mentioning it to the bride who is giving the final numbers to the caterer in two days.” I don’t remember putting that on the RSVP card but I am pretty sure that is what is on there. Our guest list went from 130 to 145 just tonight! We thought it was a long shot getting 130 there. We anticipated 200 though of course. Friday is d-day. Cut off. That’s it. I doubt we will anticipate extras since I know a few probably won’t show anyways for one reason or another.