As the wedding draws near I have learned one thing: If anyone tells you that wedding planning is fun and they enjoy it and it is relaxing .. they are A) lying to you, or B) have hired the most expensive and hands-on wedding coordinator to do everything for them. I have been going over and over in my head what to do with the place cards and if I should get a calligrapher or maybe a kit at the bookstore. I have even asked friends to give handwriting samples. 

Tonight I just said screw it and wrote out all of them. ALL.OF.THEM. I don’t have the table numbers but I mean how hard can writing numbers be?! I was proud that I only screwed up one name and it wasn’t mis-spelled, I accidentally put FN and LN on the same line and for all the other cards I had put them on different lines. Oh well. I made it work.

Also earlier today I had my 2nd hair trial and I am not a crier but I almost did. He spent 1.5 hours trying to figure out what I wanted and then realized he was making it too hard on himself and just did it. It looked great but in the middle of it he said he was getting clammy, knees were weak and starting to get black!! I started to freak out (as we are the only people in there bc he opened it just for me) and sat him down and realized his BS levels were low so he drank a pop, we talked for a bit and he ate some candy and was fine. I was still so nervous!! Not really reassuring on your second attempt at a hair trial, second hair style since he couldn’t do the first one and two weeks before the wedding. 

I love him though; he has done my hair since I was in middle school! He did my hair for prom and it looked amazing and even stayed up after going to Kentucky Kingdom and riding rides and sleeping in it overnight.