OH DEAR LORD IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! Our photographer emailed me at around 11:00pm last night and, of course, I was awake and it was because he just posted our wedding slideshow! Our proofs will be done soon. This is just a compilation of his favorite photos (and so far, some of mine too) from the wedding. He usually puts music in the background to them, so the song is the song we danced to as our first song. I am still not sure if I have the heart to tell him it’s the wrong song…

Well, right song, wrong artist. We purposely didn’t choose this artist because we thought it sounded too R&B and rap-ish and we DO NOT like it!! It sounds okay on the slideshow though. I know I paid for his services and I should get what I want but don’t want to be that bratty bride that complains about every little detail.

At any rate, here is a link to the slideshow!! =) My favorite picture is the black and white of us kissing in the carriage with Monument Circle in the background.