We had one of the most eventful Halloweens in a while. We went to a friend of mine’s house and played rock band, ate ghost chili’s, played flippy cup, listened to 80’s and 90’s music (and reminisced) and even played a winking murder game. Of course I would be the dork that picked the murder card so I was winking at people all night. I didn’t want to stop playing rock band .. I’m pretty obsessed with the drums .. and so I was winking at people while playing. It was pretty sweet.

The culprit .. ghost chili’s .. hottest on earth!!

Before eating the chili’s (notice the smiling):
And after (notice not so much smiling):
And then of course rock band, which was about 85% of my night anyways:
And if you are wondering, yes my pink wrist sweat bands did help improve Brad’s drumming performance. =)
To sum up all the costumes there that I can remember, there was: Barney & Betty Rubbel, Bill Murray’s character from Caddyshack (Brad), douchebag, Riddick, Fairy (yes, the kind with wings), Audrey Hepburn, Mario (the video game character), 3 amigos, Abby from NCIS, a referee and Ron Burgundy. I was a jogger and wore my ipod arm band and had wrist and a head sweat bands that didn’t match along with a bright yellow night reflection t-shirt cover. Almost every picture taken with me in it, I am a big white blob. I think that was the best part. Oh and they have a newfoundland that they got a costume for and she was ADORABLE!!
Hair Straighteners
On to the next subject. My poor unfortunate Chi flat iron. We have been through a lot together. Thick and thin. I have even taken it out of the country, on two cruises, to the bahamas and to all three colleges I attended (yes, it is a miracle I graduated in under 6 years). It died and on my quest to find a new one, she started working again!!! Brad gave me permission however to buy a new one since the plates have been barely hanging there and it’s probably a shock/electrical hazard.
So I went to my hair salon (West 86th Hair ) and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kristy!!! She is awesome. Anyways, I bought their BaByliss ProIT Titatium flat iron and OH MAH GOODNESS!! It is only $80 and is fan-freaking-tastic!!!
The Chi’s were about $150 to order. I actually tried to order one online for only $70 .. don’t do this. Take my advice and just buy something at a legitimate local salon. The website I went to started charging fraudulent charges to my debit card and my bank called at 11pm one night to ask if I had authorized these and they had to cancel my account and order me a new debit card. So now I have to call them back to cancel the re-activation fee they charged me since it’s a rewards checking account, go into a local branch to change my pin number, and have them transfer all my rewards points from the old account to the new one. Oh and not to mention I went two and a half weeks with no debit card. Not the most fun thing ever.