Apparently I blog in spurts. Here is probably the last blog in my spurt this week. =)

I am house hunting. The only problem is Brad isn’t 100% on board. I found two houses that are both at least twice the square footage of our current house for the exact same price of our house now! Crazy huh. I know you are thinking that there must be some catch. Of course there is…

House #1

Hello baby! Come to mama! This beauty has 3 bedrooms and a den (so basically 4), 2.5 baths, it’s only 3 years old, separate dining room (I really really need this) and is in a nice neighborhood near Morse Lake. Not much else to say because the pictures were pretty minimal. I think it might go into foreclosure soon but it said no exemptions have been filed yet! The price started at $145K and is down to $129K now. We can definitely swing that!!

Now the second house I was going to post .. just sold! It was my fav too. It had 3500 sq feet and was only $125, fenced in yard, fireplace, laminate hardwood floors, full basement and in an even nicer and bigger neighborhood. =( I am too bummed to continue blogging ) …

Thanks realtor for dropping the ball on this, especially since I specifically asked you about that second house and how quickly it would sell. You assured me it wouldn’t. You’re fired.

Okay .. seriously people!!! I think there are secret spies reading my blog for inside information on local housing deals. STOP IT. RIGHT NOW! Someone accepted an offer on the first house too. Dangit. Back to square one. I will update if anything significant happens .. and I’m talking SIGNIFICANT!! =P