She is a beaut. Well, you have to see it anyways. She will be a beauty one day. We already have paint colors picked out for the main rooms and our master and bath. We have money set aside for all the fixes needed:
flooring downstairs (tile, laminate hardwoods, carpet)
pressure relief valve for water heater
drip pan for water heater
closet maids (we need a few of these)
new locks/deadbolts
patch ceiling from leak
new kitchen sink and faucet
shower head for second bath and shower curtain rod
some new siding
wood trim on back door (it’s rotted)

I can’t wait to make this house OURS. I feel like the house we have lived in these past few years is great but it was already upgraded pretty much all the way by the previous owners and we just happened to live here the past two years. I feel like this house is going to be just ours. Everything. =) Now for the good stuff .. the pics!!

The front of the house:

As you walk in. The tan area is the living/dining room and red is the family/kitchen.

To the right when you walk in. Dining and living room. It’s quite large.

Just past the stairs to the right is the den and half bath. Den will be in my office.
Straight into the back of the house is the family room. Yes, the red is going bye-bye.
The rest of the family room and eat in kitchen.

Eat in kitchen. We’ll put our kitchen table here. A new chandelier maybe soon.

Still has working appliances .. I approve! And the stove is a 5 burner flat top and one is adjustable size. I’m so in love!

The perfect amount of room. =)

Look at all those extra cabinets!!! *DROOL*

Umm this has GOT TO GO!!! ASAP!! Gross..

My pantry. It’s in the room connecting the kitchen to the garage. Look at all those beautiful shelves! Hello gorgeous!

Brad loves the extra length on the one side of the garage. Perfect for the boat. Also the brand-new garage door is so quiet I didn’t hear or feel them open it from upstairs. Even with the pantry door open!

Downstairs bath. We love this wallpaper … NOT! Haha .. it’s going to go ASAP as well.

The wonderful and perfect loft upstairs that we have no furniture and nothing for.. lol .. yet.

Master bedroom! LOVE IT! Those big, beautiful windows are my favorite!

I think me and this tub are going to have some wonderful times together. This is on the back wall to the right. To the immediate right is the vanity and sink.

To the left as you walk in. The closet on the right is a linen closet and behind that and the tub is the huge walk-in closet (with no shelves) and hence why we need Closet Maid. Hehe

This is how we found out we need a new pressure relief valve on our water heater.

So we were all standing downstairs during the home inspection after turning the water on and there was no pressure coming from anywhere. Then all of the sudden I told Brad and the inspector that I heard something from upstairs and Brad ran upstairs and started yelling really hysterically and loud. The inspector ran up too and I didn’t know what to do. Then, the inspector ran down the stairs so fast I thought he was going to fall down them and turned the water off immediately. The entire second floor utility room was completely flooded with water! It was so sopping wet it soaked right through my boots as I was vacuuming it up with the shop vac our realtor brought over from his house (he lives right down the street).

And by the way, this is EXACTLY why builders need to realize that utility rooms on the second floor are totally useless and a BAD BAD BAD idea!