We are closing on our current home on January 15th, 2010! YAY! That is, if she approves what we agreed to fix for her from the inspection report. *keep your fingers crossed* We aren’t sure about our new home but we would have to close no later than this day on that one as well or we have to pay $25/day in penalties! YUCK!

EDIT: I just got word (at about 7:20pm tonight) and the buyer DID agree to the things we said we would fix!!! As long as the appraised value is not less than what she is paying (it’s not) then we have a new house and so does she!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! WOOHOO!!!

EDIT #2: She just had her appraisal. I’m assuming no news is good news. No more of her people coming into the house. Now I can start taking crap off the walls and packing! Boxes anyone? Anyone? 😉