Aww our first and only picture by a Christmas Tree. We didn’t put one up this year because of us packing and moving so it was going to be a bigger hassle than it was worth (and costly).
Don’t wait for anyone else .. geez.. haha.
SHOWER HEAD!! We got one too from my step-mom. Must be the theme of the year.
I think Brad’s face sums up the beautismus of this tie. LOL. It’s the thought that counts…
Aww. Our first ornament for our first Christmas together as a married couple.
Dork!! 😉
I love getting gloves for Christmas! My sister needed them so bad.
Cute wittle bow man~!
Woo hoo! Another cook book! This one is funny too because it has some “recipes” from the characters from Parks & Recreation.
Brad’s big present (they just put a sheet with a bow over it). That was pretty thoughtful though. I would have just left it out.
He got a 3 piece Craftsman tool chest with wheels and also some liner to go inside of it. My mom just wanted an excuse to shop at Sears I think. 😉
Love at first sight!
My silly, adorable sister!
I got another book for my Marilyn collection! This one is fabulous!!! ❤
My mom got her boyfriend Phil an authentic German Cuckoo Clock. He loved it!! I even liked it.
My mom got an amazing Thomas Kinkaid painting and she cried… a lot …
Typical day at our house.. hehe..
Later this weekend we went to his friends houses and played games, poker, XBox, etc. It was fun for the most part. =)
Rock Band with Rocky (his friends little Terrier).
Later someone challeneged my husband (who has never ever backed down from a challenge) that he couldn’t eat 6 saltine crackers in under 1 minute. He didn’t do it and made a mess of cracker dust everywhere. Pretty funny to watch him try though.
From his parents I got a lot of small stocking stuffer things, Colts snuggie (that I absolutely LOVE), Colts slippers (that were too small so I regifted them), a paraffin bath and a gift card to Target to get some more Blue Ray discs. =)