First year as a married couple. =) Here are the events of Christmas Eve .. and no, I couldn’t wait until Christmas Day to open presents because I wanted Brad to enjoy his (as one was a video game) before we rushed out of Indy and went down south to see his family.
“MOM .. you’re embarassing me again.”
He really loves these tuffy toys and it’s the only thing that lasts longer than a week in this house.
Brad said these were amazing golf balls .. and I won them at Dave & Busters! Hahah. Freebies sometimes are the best gift.
Dexter book and Boondock Saints on Blue Ray (since we got each other a Blue Ray player for xmas and we don’t have anything to watch on it).
I can’t tell you how much I absolutely LOVE getting cookbooks for gifts!!! No lie!!!
Oh yes! I was more excited to give this to him than I think he was to receive it. This silly $50 game is the coolest thing! It’s like Super Mario Bros 3 but you can have up to 4 players on the same screen at the same time!! It is so much fun!
The Hangover on Blu Ray!!! YAY!
Then later we went to my dad’s family Christmas to exchange gifts.
This is my Aunt’s dog named Candy. No, she is not a stripper. 😉 She is super sweet!
My step brother and step mom. She is actually very skinny, just is slouching because it’s Christmas and we had just eaten a wonderful dinner and lots of desserts thanks to yours truly.
My 94 year-old great-grandmother. Man she is a trooper! I know people 30 years younger than her that aren’t as active and need assistive devices to walk. She doesn’t need anything and still goes out to the horse barn and takes care of several horses daily!
Yes. That’s me and my dad, step-mom and step-brother. Also pictured is our poodle, Annie. LOL. Like my hair? 😉 I don’t think Chi would approve.

All in all it was a wonderful holiday. I got some great gifts including our kitchen glasses we registered for, Country Rock Band, a 30-minute-meal cookbook (do you think Brad was hinting at something), a movie shower head and lots of little stocking stuffers that were great.