I was inspired by The Misadventures of Pug(s) and Bugg who recently wrote an entry on The Greatest Hits of 2009. What a great idea to look back on the positive things that happened this past year. So without further hesitation .. of course following the theme of picture-style .. here goes!
Brad’s best friend Bobby married in Louisville, KY on 1/23/09 and surprisingly it was in the 60’s that day!! They got so lucky!
We painted our kitchen sage green. Brad couldn’t say no because it was my birthday. =) Here it is half finished just to show how little color it had before. That back wall is actually painted. Blegh!
This is the month we finally found out Cato didn’t have food allergies (and thank goodness because that food was $100/bag). He has hay fever and is allergic to basically everything outside! We had to start giving him anti-fungals 3x/wk and cleaning his ears and belling once a week. We still do.
My sister went to prom this year. At North Central you go to prom as a junior. Silly, I know. She also went stag; something I could never do.
This month we did a lot of outside work. We were prepping the deck to be sealed and here it is after being powerwashed and looking great. After it dryed, however, it rained non-stop all summer and I wasn’t a happy camper. Also this month we had lots of cookouts, planted more grass in dead spots, put in more bushes/flowers, and my lovely mother purchased wicker for our porch. We did also go with my mom and her boyfriend Phil to the Indy 500. Good times.
We went to my moms a lot this month to swim. Cato doesn’t since he is afraid but he likes to hang out in the grass and on the lawn chairs. Also I had my final fitting for my wedding dress this month!
I went to my dad’s this month to say good-bye to my nephew Elijah. His mom moved to Miami and he will be starting school soon so this is my last chance to see him for a while probably. Poor kid misses his family so much he said to me on Christmas Eve this year, “Aunt Kelly, I don’t want to live in Florida anymore.” That makes me super sad.. Also, we went to the Brickyard this month.
I took Brad out to Maggiano’s for his 26th birthday. It’s his favorite restaurant. I also had a few bridal showers and some doggy play dates (that were hard to resist not putting those pics up here). It was the busiest month of the year and only now looking back at pictures do I remember what actually happened during August.
WE GOT MARRIED!!!! Although a bit tragic I still love this picture and it totally depicts our personalities. We went on a 7-day Western Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon and it was wonderfully deserved (with the work I do).
We went to my friend Angela’s Halloween Party. Here is brad in all his glory as his um-teenth year going as Bill Murray’s Character from Caddyshack. 😉 There were some good ones: Riddick, Abby from NCIS and even Ron Burgundy. I also started my food blog this month. 
We put our house up for sale and got an offer within 6 days. It’s a well-maintained home and a VERY sought-after area of Fishers. I believe we also won the bid on our new house this month right before Thanksgiving. It was a great month. 
This is the view from my dad’s house. Brad vowed one day to have this same view as he is an avid fisherman. I have no complaints. My dad was showing him the retaining wall and beach that were going in at the time as well as the new deck extension. We also had our home inspections and finalized EVERYTHING for both houses. We are all ready to close January 15th! Oh boy!