Yesterday .. all my troubles seemed so far away ..

Well one week … ONE WEEK … before we are set to close on both houses the underwriter needs a copy of my college degree. Really?! You couldn’t have asked for that ohhh I dunno like within the past two months that you have been doing all our other paperwork? I had already packed it and everything else we don’t use on a daily basis so we had to un-pack everything since I had no idea which box I put it in. =/ He also wanted me to write an impromptu letter stating when I graduated and explaining my work history while in school and afterwards.

Then, since the snow was drifting really badly yesterday all our boxes in the garage got wet from the snow while searching for my diploma so now the new tape won’t stick and they are still soaking wet.

Later that day we got a call saying that the title company cancelled our appointment until our lender has us approved which can take a few days once they get that information they just today requested.

This is not the best start to 2010 .. come on now!!! Give us something good to work with!!