Remember our new house? My hopes .. and dreams. They were all stomped on today! And here I am about to whine about it (that is your warning).
So if you have been keeping up, our underwriter asked for another pay stub for myself (come to find out later it was because my paychecks are a week delayed since I am not on salary). Fine. All they needed was that and we were good to go! All our paperwork is ready to be filed and it’s a done deal.
Well … our buyer of our current home didn’t include a W-2 for a tax return a few years ago so her IRS return didn’t match what she claimed she made to her lender for this to go through. FIRST: who the hell doesn’t file a W-2?? How do you forget that you worked somewhere?! Ridiculous. SECOND: she claimed she made less than she actually does and still got approved for the loan. What does it matter if she makes more? Isn’t that just more reason to approve her for the darn’d loan. I mean really …
So we have to wait for the IRS tax amendment she recently to go through. We all know that they are so expedient with anything they do … hahahaha …
The buyer’s agent said “we are hoping for this to be cleared up in the next two weeks”. Oh goodie! In the mean time how about I make you a sandwich and hold your hand too!? (don’t you just love my sarcasm) In the mean time we’ll just sit tight and hold our breath living out of boxes. Don’t worry about us or anything we had planned (like my 5-day weekend off work that I cannot take back now).