Here is what our “thermostat” looked like when we first saw the house. We assume the people that were kicked out took it with them (it must have been one they put in themselves) .. even though that is still illegal and it belongs with the house.
Today Brad put in our new RiteTemp one. We have a RiteTemp in our current home and have had absolutely no problems with it.
We were debating between Honeywell and RiteTemp and the professional heating and cooling specialist that came out for our inspection about a month ago said they replace Honeywell’s ALL THE TIME. So, we decided to get the other brand. Looks beautiful eh!?
I know .. our light switches and covers are the stinking ugly off-white. GRR!! That means one more project on the to-do list. I thought they were all white. My memory can’t be trusted!!
Here is a picture from the side. It doesn’t stick out too far.
We were going to get a flush-mount RiteTemp one but it only did one temperature per day and I think this one does 2 or 3. Plus we didn’t want to cut that much of the drywall out.
And no, we don’t have posession of the house yet but our realtor said that we could take our chances and assume we are still going to close. We will lose whatever we fix/put into the place between now and closing if we end up not going through with it. Let’s all hope that doesn’t happen because I LOVE THIS HOUSE!!