My father-in-law just so happens to be a licensed plumber and also happens to be the nicest man on Earth so he drove 2 hours to come help us set up a new drip pan for the water heater and washer in the utility room upstairs. I forgot to take a picture because a pipe burst in our master bathroom when we turned the water on because the house wasn’t properly winterized (and we paid HMBI to do so). *deep breaths*
So now I will provide to you most of the step-by-step pictures on how to fix a leaky pipe. Later we’ll fix the ceiling when we move in and hopefully get pictures on how to do that. I’m sure the popcorn ceiling will be so much fun .. not.
Step one: carefully remove ceiling around pipe.
Step two: curse under your breath about the poor craftsmanship of the house that is barely 7 years old.
Brad’s dad said the coupling should have been attached more to the pipe (the part where it’s white is the only overlap it had). That’s just ridiculous!!
Step three: remove all old parts and replace with new ones (not necessary but why not while the ceiling is open).
Step four: clean ends of pipe with emery cloth.
Step five: attach pipes with plumbing flux.
Step six: blow torch the solder at joints.
PS – That blow torch looked scary but he just turned it on and off like it was nothing. He said you get used to it, using it on a daily basis for work.
Finally, enjoy your newly working pipe!!
That wasn’t so bad right? Now for that gaping hole in our family room ceiling. Don’t worry though, that will be one of the first things we fix since that will leak warm air and is a little bit of an eye sore.
Disclaimer: I highly suggest enlisting the services of a professional plumber as we did.