FINALLY after 4 delays and several hours of waiting after the DAY OF CLOSING a lien was found on our new home .. but it is ours now!!! We also realized that even if we did have only 1200 square feet .. we had a TON of crap lying around. Thank goodness we get to spread out more now. No pics to show yet (no time.. gotta find my headset for work tomorrow) but here is a list of things we have completed since moving in:

* Assembled the bottom half of my desk (hutch will come later)
* Got my work computer up and running
* Internet is working .. along with cable (another LONG story for later .. I hate Comcast)
* Everything is moved to the new house minus Brad’s boat and all of his tools
* Blinds up in family rm, kitchen and master
* Guest bathroom has a shower head and curtain rod (master is too nasty and moldy so we are still debating whether to just replace or not)
* Kitchen is halfway there .. the important stuff is out of boxes: plates, bowls, etc

Seem like not that much? Well our closing was delayed until 3pm yesterday .. yeah YESTERDAY!! So it’s barely been a day and a half. Also Brad only had a friend of his help with one truck load. It got late so we just did it ourselves the next morning (this morning) .. it took a VERY long time and we realized just how much crap we really had and ended up making two complete truck loads in addition to yesterdays truck load.

Oh and Monday (the day we closed on the house) just a few hours beforehand I got my first Crown… as in the dentist. Blegh!!! Talk about pain and suffering times a million!!!!!!! I will never ever go a single day without flossing again! Promise!