Back when we knew we were getting our new house we went on a shopping spree to Lowe’s and Home Depot. Home Depot had the best prices on these faux wood blinds that are just gawgeous!!
Well we purchased around 19 of these in the 32 inch width for all of our windows. One of our windows is smaller so we got a different width. All in all we spent about $680 on blinds .. YES .. just on blinds! So when my husband found that 8 of the boxes had a missing center bracket we were both understandably upset and tried to return them to the Home Depot.
Well Brad had the manager up front give him attitude about him not having a receipt (it was in my purse and I was not there yet). He just wanted to even exchange so who cares?!
Then they wouldn’t let him look through the boxes they had in stock to make sure they had the center bracket and exchange them.
After that the guy who sold us the blinds came by and tried to lie and tell us that the 32 inch blinds do not need the center bracket when the instructions clearly say that they do. When Brad tried to show him the directions he brought from home, the guy walked away from him!!!
Well needless to say we are completely through with the Home Depot on Bash Road in Indianapolis. Yes, I am not afraid to call them out! They are jerks and we will never ever shop at that one ever again!! They ended up taking the blinds back and ordering them directly from the manufacturer and said they would call when they found out where/when they would be shipped.
They gave Brad store credit so I am thinking of going to the Home Depot closer to our new home and telling them our situation, showing them our receipt for $680 and asking them politely to make sure the center brackets are in there.
EDIT 2/22: A few weeks ago we ended up going to a different Home Depot location and they were extremely friendly and gave us extra brackets they had kept from other boxes that were damaged or they had bad cuts for. They knew exactly which store we were talking about when we told them we had such horrible customer service and said to never go there again so .. we won’t. =) The Noblesville store is AMAZING!!!