I went to Sherwin Williams yesterday to purchase paint for our family room and kitchen. It’s a very open concept space so we are going to do a light, neutral color for the outside walls and a darker color for the center island as an accent. I decided to do the island first to figure out if I should use the brush or tape off edges. 
You see, we have textured walls and pretty intense popcorn ceiling. After all the painting I have figured out that tape sucks and doesn’t work. It just makes me have to go over the white trim later with a wet paper towel to clean up my mess. I also found out I actually have a very steady hand when it comes to using a paint brush.

The paint color is Sherwin Williams # 6123, Baguette.
Also just to show you how disgusting this place was when we moved in here is a picture of a half cleaned wall and base board. The right side is cleaned and left well .. not so much. BLEGH! I actually cleaned the wall before painting over it because it was that gross.