We are settling in quite nicely. Last night my lovely husband put up our closet maids for our master closet. I FINALLY HAVE MY CLOSET!! YESS!!!
Here are the before pictures (no supports .. the previous owners ripped them out):
Also there was only one shelf. I knew that wouldn’t be enough for us and plus the closet is HUGE so it really needed two.
Updated closet (ps my hubby is awesome):
In the first ‘after’ picture you can see that we didnt’ go all the way around with both shelves. The reason is because I wanted somewhere to put dresses and longer items.
In the second ‘after’ picture where the white laundry basket is .. that is about as wide as that little nook is in there. It is the PERFECT size for a shoe caddy so guess what our first spring project is going to be (after the lawn of course)!? =) This is going to be the best master closet evah!!