FINALLY! The post I have been wanting to do for so long! Here is our newly remodeled (aka painted) family room, eat-in dining area and kitchen!! The before pics are from when we did our inspection so that is why there is no furniture in them.
SW Believable Buff for outside walls; SW Baguette for center island accent
I absolutely love all the colors! The only rug that matches now is the kitchen one so I will have to find a back door rug that matches again. Poo. =( We soon will be tiling the kitchen, downstairs bath and pantry. I am scared to death to do this as it is a VERY large area and I hear it takes a while to dry.
We are also going to look into getting laminate hardwood flooring installed in the main areas of downstairs. Brad is against it fully but I think it would be wonderful. Upstairs has carpet so if he wants carpet, go up there. 😉 I’m such a meanie!