Last night while I was finishing painting the family room and kitchen, I asked my husband to put up the lights we have had purchased since December. =D Well we didn’t move in until a few weeks ago so unpacking has been the number one (annoying) chore.
Light before:
Light after:
It’s a much nicer view.
Plus the light is so much brighter. The little round ones are dull and lifeless. We have a ton of these to replace. They are EVERYWHERE. The one to the left of this last picture is the dining room so I am getting a chandelear for that. In the den I have one (missing a glass cover) and I am thinking of getting a small fan. I think my dad is giving us one. It’s got some funky lights but we can always change the hardware.
We also have these in the closets. Depending on how much I really hate these ugly round-bulb lights I might replace those .. but it’s the closet. I mean who really cares about the light in the closet? Do people really look at that?