Here is a picture of the old, ugly standard bulb lights that basically were all over our house when we moved in:
Here is a close-up of most of the replacements we bought for it. I wanted white but Brad overruled with wanting to get the brushed nickel. I can’t complain. I like them.
We put one at the top of the stairs:
And one in the dining area:
Here is the one in the dining room:
And the replacement chandelier that I absolutely loved from Home Depot!! I will take a better picture further away when I paint and get furniture in the room (rather than boxes).
All in all I think we did well on the lights. The brushed nickel ones were about $24 for 4 of them and the chandelier was $150. We are getting a ceiling fan from my dad and it will need a new light kit ($20) then we will install in the family room.
After that the only downstairs lighting left will be the fluorescent lights in the kitchen and I haven’t yet found something I am willing to put in there. I am not a fan of track lighting and recessed lighting is apparently more work than we want to do. =(