I decided that I wanted some color in my office. I spend 45-50 hours a week in that room doing work that I honestly don’t enjoy so I might as well be in a tranquil room that I do enjoy. It felt good to paint my feelings on the wall. 😉
Here is the before shot (and no there was no light fixture cover when we moved in):
And the afer (with a gratuitous shot of the new lighting fixture that I love):
How did I paint an accent wall, you ask? Well it is very simple. It was suggested to me to use Frog Tape instead of the normal painters (blue) tape. They both actually have a medium consistency/stickiness according to the packages, but the Frog Tape you can keep on longer. Ahh I remember the good old days when it was a dangerous waiting game of when to take the tape off the walls. Would it be too soon and bleed the paint down onto the trim? Would we wait too long and it would peel the new paint off the wall completely? Frog tape is really good for preventing those things.
With frog tape I framed all the bottom trim best I could. It was an outside wall so it was very cold and didn’t stick well. I was just extra careful on the second coat. On the textured walls that we have it actually stuck well. I took I think my drivers license and ran it up and down the tape to make sure there were no huge gaps.
First I taped everything once the first wall had dried for a few days.
Then per a suggestion from The DIY Showoff’s Blog I tried something and it really worked! I used the old paint from the lighter color to paint a thin coat over the trim so if anything dripped through it would be the same color as the wall it was seeping onto. I will use this technique when doing horizontal stripes in my bathroom soon.
Turned out well eh?!? You can click to zoom and see a bigger picture. The walls are very textured so it’s actually not bad considering. =)
Look at that beautiful straight line!! I actually painted all of the kitchen and family room with no tape. NO TAPE. It is a light tan color so it’s not too noticeable but this would have been so much nicer!!
Also check out those textured walls. Humphhh.
Well all in all I think it turned out really well!! The lighter color is SW Blue Cruise and I will use that in conjuction with a ton of SW Believable Buff that I had leftover (from painting my moms house) as an accent for a bedroom upstairs. I’m all about not wasting leftovers!!!
The accent wall is SW Santorini Blue.
I also was jipped in the family room color (just found out when buying the blue paint for this) that when you add primer to the gallon of paint to help cover a color, it changes the color of the paint you want on the walls!! I really wondered why the Believable Buff I painted in my moms house was a little darker (and more what I was going for) than in my house. Grr! I’m so mad they didn’t tell me the first time but at least I know now!! Heed my advice!! NO PRIMER NEEDED!!!
I also use the Sherwin Williams Super Paint because it has been on sale this month. I just found out that their Harmony paint (ZERO VOC/ODOR) is only $33/gallon which is the same price as this stuff when it isn’t on sale! YAY!!! Let’s just hope it covers as well.