I wanted to start a new aspect of my blog since I have hit a milestone in our second-home ownership. We finally have finished one entire room!! Painting, furniture, steam vacuuming the carpet, set-up, lighting. Everything is done in my office/the den. 
The absolute very last thing I am going to do in this house is decorate and put nails in the walls. I don’t think I will do that for a while even though I get what I call the decorator’s itch for putting pictures up or decorations on bare walls. I think it’s a disease. 😉 So enjoy the view from the doorway of my office!
And don’t mind Cato. He just wants everyone to know that THAT is his bed. Nobody else’s. Hehe.
And my big beautiful desk WITH the hutch finally!! I was skeptical about it at first because I was so used to the desk without it but it looks SO MUCH BETTER!
I am so extremely happy that at least we can say one room is completely finished! Feels fabulous!