Remember this lovely bathroom?
Well I couldn’t stand it anymore and even with all the other painting I have been doing in the kitchen, family room and den I just had to paint this too! Once I paint the living room the entire first floor will be done, for painting anyways. WOO HOO! And if you aren’t counting, I am .. that’s the entire first floor of a 3200 square foot house. I think I could be a professional painter now!
Well Here is what it looks like now. I personally think it’s a fabulous 100% improvement that doesn’t remind you of Alice in Wonderland while using the rest room.
My next plans for the bathroom much further down the road (most likely in this order):
1. paint horizontal stripes
2. get white cabinet for above toilet to get rid of ugly grey stand
3. new light fixture
4. tile floor
Then this room will be complete!
Also I used SW Misty for the bathroom color. In person and on the swatch it really is deceivingly grey. Until painting it on the walls I didn’t realize it was in the blue family. Definitely has a blue tint to it but thankfully it’s not so bad that I would need to paint a different color. I can stand this for sure!! I love it. Also the blue tint makes it easier for me to pick out new bath rug colors: dark blue!! =)