Yes my friends, it’s that time of year again. Girl Scout Cookie time!!! I gor my four boxes yesterday!! 1.5 rows of Samoas gone.
If I may, however, I would like to speak freely for a second. I had ordered these cookies a month or so ago. I found out they were going to be delivered to me yesterday and had built it up in my mind just how wonderful and heaven-like the Samoas were going to taste. This was not the case at all. Even though they didn’t taste anything like I was expecting (they were just .. okay) I kept eating them like an addict.
What is it about these cookies that keeps people coming back for more? I think it’s because they are only offered once a year and strategically right after people make new years resolutions. Shame on you Girl Scouts! Shame.
Either way I know these cookies will be gone before Spring and next year I will forget about all of the bland-ness and how I thought they were just okay.