When we bought our house, there was one spare bedroom that actually had the proper supports still in place and the closet-maid attached. The rest of the bedrooms looked like this:
Most even had huge holes and gauges in the walls from where they just ripped everything out of the walls. Would it not have been easier to use a drill and NOT make more work for me and Brad?
Oh well that is all behind us and the first thing I did when we moved in was patch these holes up! Well they have sat empty for a while now and it’s almost our one-month anniversary here and we desperately need storage. Brad hates that the garage looks the way it does.
By the way, we did finally get rid of the washer that was left here. A guy from work came and picked it up and I think it’s the happiest I have seen Brad in a very long time! See, we didn’t know if it worked or not. It was only 7 years old but we said Free To Anyone Who Will Take It!!
So back to the closet situation, kinda. Brad got a really nice Craftsman 3-piece tool chest for Christmas from my mom. Well, it is still in boxes in the garage and I’m sure he is just dying to get it together. So we needed somewhere to put all that junk in the garage. It’s mostly paint we are done using and holiday decorations. Enter the closet organization cubes we found at Lowe’s!!
They are a beauty right!? I absolutely love them and it is a perfect place for our games, extra stuff (cords, remotes, etc) and we even had enough room for two rows of closet maids in case we happen to have triplets (I will kill Brad .. make note of that) and need to use this room as a bedroom for whatever reason.
There it is filled with stuff. Yeah that is our Wii Drum Set and you can’t see it but our two guitars are just off to the right of that.
Next organizing step is to put the hanging clippy things (not sure what to call them) on the wall of the garage so he can hang the garden tools like the rake, pooper scooper, shovel, etc. We have it, it just needs hung up. He also has 4 shelves (and will probably need more room to expand) of fishing rod racks that hang nicely on the garage wall too. I think once the chest gets put together, those two items get hung and it warms up and I can put our porch furniture out again then it will be MUCH more roomy in there.