Finally we got some storage in our laundry room! We have what I would call a “normal” washer and dryer although I think front loaders are becoming more frequent than these nowadays. We are technically completely done in here except that we don’t like that they sit so far away from the wall (like a foot). This is because of the washer’s plastic bin it has to sit inside of is too big. Brad’s dad bought it for us and I guess Brad didn’t communicate the measurements.
“They are all the same size. It doesn’t matter” he said. Not true, honey.
Oh well, at least we can do laundry even if I have to stand on my 5’10” tippy toes to reach inside the brand-new cabinets on the back wall.
Those cabinets are beautiful though, right!? I absolutely love them! We measured several front loading washer/dryer combos at the hardware store and the tallest was 53.75 inches (including the bottom drawers) so we made these cabinets tall enough to fit any washer/dryer combo in case we upgrade or anyone moves in with a set so they don’t have to move the cabinets. I love being so anal about these things and thinking ahead.
Plus we might NEED a new washer if this one doesn’t stop ripping our clothes and making crazy noises. It is still under warranty since it’s only two years old though. I just need to get off my lazy behind and call HHGregg to come fix it!