When we moved in, there was an obvious patch of grass missing from the backyard. There was also this section of the fence that was pulled off of the posts. It took us a while to figure out what it was but we think it was a kids playset they took with them and there was no gate on that side of the fence so they decided to make one. Lovely. The fence isn’t in the best condition anyways. It’s definitely not worth sealing or staining. It just plain needs to be replaced in the next 1-2 years my husband estimates.
Well we nailed that section back on and there was another section where the bottom 2×4 had warped and detatched itself from the posts.
Well since Brad loves to use his tools and is such a handy guy, he decided to replace both 2×4’s.
Here he is sawing the 2×4’s off little by little. He did manage to salvage the other parts of the fence.
Well I think it looks great and hats off to our first outdoor project! Brad is still a little upset that there are little piles of snow that haven’t melted yet. He wants it to be 85 degrees, sunny, no mud on the ground, and the lakes thawed out completely. Give it time, dear.
He also had to cut back some of the 2×4’s in place against the posts in the ground because whoever built the fence didn’t do a very good job. They had one of the 2×4’s about 3.25 inches onto the post and the other only had about .75 inches of space to overlap the post. It should have been half and half. Brad fixed it though.
Personally I would like a 6 foot privacy fence for our next one but our yard is so big (0.45 acre) and that is a LOT of lumber!