Be prepared for a sad, sad doggie story . . . you’ve been warned.
Last night a friend of a friend found a lab and boxer mix roaming around a south suburb of Indianapolis. They picked them up and called my husband’s friend to ask if they knew anyone that wanted these dogs because they couldn’t keep them and the shelters weren’t taking dogs as they are all at capacity. Brad’s friend took the lab and we took the boxer until the owners could be found.
Well I found a listing on Crags List with a picture of the two dogs and immediately called. The girl was ecstatic and said this picture I sent her was her mothers dog! Her mother called a little later and said she would coordinate with the people keeping the lab to pick them up at the same time.
Well a few hours went by and she called to say she wasn’t picking him up because she already adopted a new dog and only wanted the lab (who was much older and less maintenance). WHO DOES THAT!?
I was so mad but I held it inside and asked for the clinic where he gets shots, they can’t find any record of her or the dog. I am not surprised because I’m sure she gave a fake name since she doesn’t want me to turn her in or find out who she is and tell the local shelters to not adopt to her .. which they shouldn’t. Well we will take him to get new shots anyways.
So he still needs a good home but this was such a sad, sad story! Thought I would share that people still sometimes amaze me with their ignorance and neglect for animal care. Poor little guy!! At least he has a play mate (Cato is loving it) for a few days.