Well all week my husband has been sawing away and making all kinds of crazy noises in the garage. In our previous home there was a custom shelving unit that he really liked and wanted to build an exact replica. Well he did a fabulous job!
The width is the three shelves for this extension of the garage on Brad’s side (that he chooses to store his bass boat in). He wanted to put his new tool chest inside this shelving unit because he wanted it out of the way. Plus whenever he has his fishing buddies come over they now have a ton of space to mess with stuff in between the back of the boat and this shelving unit. 
I can’t even begin to write a tutorial on how to do this but my husband said it was very easy if you have a router with the right bit, circular saw and a few common measuring devices (level, tape measure, etc). If you really wanna know, feel free to comment and I can send directions your way.
One thing he didn’t do was wear a mask .. tisk tisk. I tried to get him to buy some but some guys are just stubborn that way. He will soon be hacking up one of his lungs (or so it sounds that way from his coughing).