One of my favorite and least favorite things to do in the spring is clean the mulch, rake excess leaves and cut the dead plants down.
Why is it my least favorite thing? I would say because it’s time consuming and difficult to get to a lot of places in the mulch. Also I am not the master plant-puller-outer so usually things just grow right back. Meh. I hate weeds and their pricklies because they hurt my fingers. I really, really don’t like to get muddy. And finally, it just absolutely kills my back!!!
Why is it my favorite!? The yard will look so much better afterwards. There will hopefully be less maintenance over the summer (when I like to be lazy and lounge around). Also, my mom won’t come over and pick weeds out of my mulch .. instead she can enjoy my company. 😉 Yes, I get it from her.
Well here is my halfway point a few weeks ago. It got too cold this day so I finished it another day. I cleaned up this area of the mulch in the front as well as the tree to the left of the picture that has more (phugly) red edging stones around it. I wanted to plant some plants from the local nursery in the empty mulch but we have to pull out the tree to the right first (that is growing into the house) and also find the time.
To the right of the house you can see where the mulch runs alongside the house and I haven’t gotten to that part yet or the other side of the house. Along the fence line (to the right of the picture) there was a bunch of mulch though and my husband and I felt it was out of place and there should be grass there. Well, we dug up the mulch and planted grass and now its raining all this week so YAY! I am very excited to see buds this weekend! Now we have to do the same for the left side.
Next yard project is down the road but we will be digging up all the mulch and pond out back. Also there are a few really dead spots of grass we are just going to plant fresh seeds at. Then, we will put new grass seed in the entire yard and let it grow grow GROW!!
Also my husband said he will build me a front porch railing like at the old house. I miss the privacy and refuse to put my wicker furniture out until it’s finished. 🙂