I have been waiting to reveal this final bathroom for a very long time. We replaced any and everything in this bathroom minus the sink and toilet. Even though we don’t like the sink, it’s not wise to replace it now with something that will go out of style in 10 years if we decide to sell. Oh well.
Anyways, here are the pictures:
The transformation is a complete 360 in my opinion!!! Here is a list of the changes, in order:
~ Painted
~ Removed old lenolium flooring
~ Caulked underneath wood trim and caulked cement crack in slab floor
~ Installed ceramic tile w/sanded grout
~ Installed new quarter round
~ Caulked quarter round gaps
~ Installed junction box behind light
~ Replaced drywall and repainted/textured around light
~ Replaced old faucet
~ Replaced old bulb lighting fixture
Doesn’t sound like it would take a while .. but the caulking needs at least 24 hours to dry (two separate caulks for the slab and the trim) and then the tile adhesive needs 24 hours as does the grouting, grout sealer, etc. Everything needs to dry dry dry. Also we had a few unexpected leaks and such so we had to pull things out and back in again. It was a pain in the rear and equally annoying to look at our toilet in the family room for so long, but boy oh boy was it worth it!!
I’m so motivated to do the kitchen now, but Brad is all about some R & R.

Here is one fun thing we found, a crack in the slab. You can kinda see it underneath the wet area:

Also we found a nice (illegal) surprise lurking behind the old lights that the builder installed:
Hey .. where are we supposed to hang the new lights at?? Hmm.

Some of the things we ran into were: trim not caulked properly, cracked slab, possible mold, missing junction box behind old light kit, uneven floor and walls/trim, sink not attached correctly and the toilet was not properly sealed (we were lucky it never leaked).

Thank goodness this is over! The best part? We haven’t had a single bug in the bathroom since finishing the tile. That makes me the happiest person in the world!!