So spring is here in Indiana .. finally!! We have had the worst winter ever and I am so grateful that there is NO MORE SNOW!! I am, however realistic because I know that even though we are having warm weather now .. it’s Indiana and it could turn on us at any given moment. We should all enjoy it while it lasts. I know I did.
Just look at this humungo backyard Cato now has to run around in! He hardly uses any of it but I’m sure he knows it’s his.
Always getting into places he shouldn’t. Why do dogs love the mulch so much!?!
Hey mommy .. quit taking pictures already!! I needed a good summer shot of us two, but too bad the sun made me look even more pale and bright white than I already am. I also need to lose weight. Ho hum.
I love the action shots! They are the funniest to look back on. I’m pretty sure I could fit my head in there. LOL.
My beautiful baby!
And this one is for our dear friend Kahlua who is restricted to no play dates, no jumping or romping and can only stay in areas of her house where there is carpet…
I figured she would like the drool shot. I think Cato missed her while laying outside sun bathing. =)