Well so much for a relaxing weekend doing nothing. It’s really hard for both of us I think to relax when we are at home and are staring at 20+ projects that need to be done soon. The sooner the better.
Saturday it rained the second half of the day so I am really glad we didn’t plan too much there. Also, I had been sick for the past few days being attacked by my seasonal allergies (thank you dad). Well Sunday I felt much better and planned to attack some yard work. Well, it was all Brad’s idea .. I just kinda went along with it.
Since I am so horrible at remembering to take good “before” pictures this will just be an update post. We had a decorative (ugly) pond out back near the house and wanted to get rid of it ASAP.We just like grass and landscaping (where appropriate) so we dug it up. Then we found another pond underneath a tarp next to it. That was a joyous occasion.
And we pulled rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.
So many rocks that Brad even poked a hole through one with a rake. Haha
So then Brad and Cato had to take a fun break from all that hard work. 😉
And it was back to work we went. The hole from the original pond was so deep we decided it would be perfect to plant a tree since you usually have to dig a gigantic hole for them anyways. Well we filled it in a bit and went to Lowe’s to find our perfect Bradford Pear tree (no, it doesn’t produce fruit). If you look at this picture of the back of our old house, the big white tree is the same tree we just bought.
Obviously ours is a wee baby.
Well then we laid our 10 bags of tree soil .. went back to Lowes for 10 more bags .. and laid those down. We planted tons of grass seed and now it’s just a waiting gaime. I wonder how long trees take to mature at least halfway. I’m kind of impatient.
Well that’s how we spent our Easter Sunday. All day long. Apparently it runs in the family. I called my dad and he said that he planted a ton of grass and seed and covered it in hay in his backyard too.