My friend Angela and I decided to go with a few of my friends (Tara and Jeff) on a camping trip to Hardy Lake. My husband has been there before and said it’s good fishing. Apparently if you are not on shore, it is. For this guy, he is one happy son of a gun!!
He caught a 33 pound 45-inch Tiger Muskee which is now the state record. Everyone camping there came by all weekend to see. Since he was in a Bass Pro boat, they are going to repllicate it and hang it in one of their stores and give him $800!!! That is nuts. Now I want to go fishing for a living. Haha.
Well the weather was going to dip in the mid-30’s the first night and we thought we were prepared but sadly we were mistaken. We all froze almost to death but we did survive. Angela said she looked over the next morning and just saw my sleeping bag with a big lump in it. That is because I cacooned myself in it and folded the top under my pillow. Gotta keep the heat in somehow!
Well Jeff boldly went out fishing with the guy that caught the muskee the night before and he got a 5lb bass! I think that is a pretty proud fish. Good job! He tried to get all us girls to hold it but we wanted no part of that. He said, “Just lip it.”
Next we went on a nature hike!!
It had some gorgeous scenery.
Also we found a few good fishing spots but still no luck. I think you really need a boat to catch anything on this lake.
Me and Angela hiking! I wanted to get the nice lake in the background.
So Tara stepped on a snake and of course Jeff had to play with it and wanted to keep it as a pet. Hmm .. no thanks.
Then we found a toad and tara wanted that as a pet. I’m glad Angela and I are dog people. haha. Tara and Jeff, you two were meant to be!!
Tara, I think we are lost… it’s been like 3 hours or more…
I was sooooo happy we finally made it back to the truck!!!
The most fun campers ever!!! And the huge trail map that we walked. =)
Real snake we found coiled up on a picnic table. Although it was dead. Someone must have staged it.
One of the other campers had a 6 month old pit/boxer mix puppy!! She was the most adorable thing I have ever laid my eyes on!! She even fell asleep in front of the fire in my lap inside my fleece. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT!?
And of course we both brought our Hillbilly Golf sets because it’s an automatic must-have camping game! Loved Tara’s follow-through.
Our view from the campsite.
Last stop before headding back at the “Family Fishing Hole” and still I caught nothing.
Except I did catch this. Maybe Brad won’t be as mad when he finds out he has to re-line one of the reels because it got so tangled we had to cut it. =/
 And that was about it. We had fun, got ticks on us (I got bit) and we relaxed .. except for the sleeping on the ground part. Next time: blow up mattresses. 🙂