So I was prepping the backyard for my husband to mow (aka pooper scooping for all you non-dog owners out there) and my dog found a nice, shady spot underneath one of our willow trees to lay down at. Well I knew it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up because he never lays in the grass .. without eating it .. and it was such good scenery I couldn’t help myself. Too bad it was before the mow.
I carefully went inside to get my camera and carefully approached him so that he wouldn’t get up and want to play.
How adorable is he?!?! Yeah, I know I am kinda biased.
He is sometimes camera shy but that’s okay .. mommy still loves him. 🙂
And then he kinda pooped out a little.
Nahh .. he was just relaxing and enjoying the 80-degree weather we were having. It’s a bit out of season for us so why not get outside and get momma some Vitamin D!?
Well that was our day!
We hope you are all enjoying your sunny days with your loved ones! Even though we have a complete overhaul to do on our yard we know that spending time together is definitely important. We do our best with what we are given.