I posted these pictures yesterday from my iPhone and thought to myself Oh I will write the blog entry later. Yeah well I have slept since then and don’t remember why I put a picture of brad trying on aviator glasses at Target on here but I would still like to share.
So handsome right? I can’t get him to buy any glasses but Oakleys. Silly husband!
I do remember why I posted this next picture. We went to RAM Brewery a few weeks ago for burgers and saw this “Behemoth Burger” for a whopping $25!!!
Oh yes. Sounds like something off of Man v. Food which is our new favorite show to watch. It really disgusts me to watch him pig out and get food all over his face while stuffing it full of greasy, artery-filling food .. but it’s like a car accident you just can’t turn away from.
Anyways if you finish this Benemoth Burger then you get a t-shirt. Be warned, however, becaue it is a 5 POUND burger!! Yowsers!!