When we purchased this house and our first house I never noticed all the flower beds (or weed beds at this house). In the future, I know what to look for and will be a much pickier buyer. This has been the most work I have done to the house. Painting the entire first level .. child’s play compared to almost 2 weeks of pulling out weeds and old, icky plants.
Here is what the new bed looks like up against our house (on the right) where I replanted some decorative grass and sunflower seeds! They will be GORGEOUS come middle of summer!
And here is where I got my decorative grass from. I never had to replant something and it was an interesting experience. I tried pulling them one little piece of grass at a time. That did not work at all. Eventually my mom will be coming to take all the rest of this for her boyfriends garden and then we will be planting grass. I mean this is the SILLIEST place for plants right? Up against our neighbors fence? Weird.
My suggestion is to pick one, big clump and dig around and underneath it until you can safely pull it and its roots out.
I think the grass looks much more beautiful here. I have always felt I have a little bit of OCD in me so I had to even out the flower bed since there is decorative grass on the other end of it. =)
Here is the finished product and I will take pictures as my seedlings grow!
I really hope they grow!
Also I have decided that we have so many projects this year that I am going to save the long process of getting rid of the ugly red edger bricks until next year. It’s just one less thing I have to worry about. Plus, they aren’t harming anything .. except my eyes (oh how the ugly red-ness burns my eyes). Haha. jk