I have an update from my recently posted entry about the ugly pond project. here is what it looked like when we bought the house. It’s a bad picture and I apologize.
Here are some pictures from my recent post about digging up the two ponds we found in the ground and taking out all the thousands of rocks that lined it. We planed a Bradford Pear tree since we love the shade they provide. Some people say they smell in the spring when they flower, but I think that is a myth. I haven’t ever smelled anything bad coming from them.
Here is what our project looked like at the end of the day. My husband ended up getting hay because I noticed the birds wouldn’t stop eating the grass seed.
Well now it’s flourishing! You can definitely tell where the hay was since it kept all the moisture in the soil and helped the grass grow!
Because the hay worked so well on that area, we moved it to the area that was struggling a bit to grow and it is now growing pretty rapidly as well. Here is the most up-to-date picture.
I can’t wait until all of our yard looks like this (grass and not weeds). Any advice on dandelion destrucion is welcome!