Whenever it rains, we always get a ton of “roly poly’s” or pill bugs in our house. It never fails. I have no idea why but it was getting to be uncontrollable. I was toasing my pop-tarts one morning (hey, they are 20% fiber) and saw one crawling on the wall behind the toaster. I basically freaked out and decided that this is only acceptable if we were living outdoors and in the middle of nowhere. This house is only 8 years old and this new construction house should NOT be getting bugs like this!
Come to find out there are cracks in the foundation .. great .. and we will figure out later how to deal with that I suppose. For now I have to get these things outta here. First things first, find the source.
Behind the stove was my first guess and that operation turned into tradgedy as you can see..
I just want to say to any homeowners or renters (that care about your own personal well-being) to please .. PLEASE clean behind your fridge and stove. I found two half-chewed rawhide bones from previous owners, a plastic container for something, a dead nest of ants (see picture below) and so much food I could have puked. I almost did. For the love of cleanliness, just do it. Twice a year, anything!!
So I decided to pull up the flooring around the edges because it was peeling up anyways. It was probably from all the food spillage .. gross. Well this is what I found: more food. Surprise surprise.
This is a small glimpse of what the side of the countertop looked like when I pulled the stove out. I cannot stress enough just how easy it is to clean this but how quickly food can drip down here and make it look really disgusting.
Another case: the side of the stove. GROSS! These had been there for a while because some I couldn’t even get off with a Clorox wipe.
Here is a close-up of the dead ants I found behind it. Notice the huge gap? I don’t really believe that the drywall is supposed to be 1+ inches from the ground! I was really ticked I found this. Also the fact that I didn’t see any insulation on an outside wall? Grr.
Well here is my newly cleaned stove. =)
And here is my freshly cleaned cabinet and countertop! Looks 100% better!!
I wanted to post this because I have no idea why it looks like something has been chewing on the corner of the cabinet. Could that be from the ants? I don’t know what it’s from but I hope that whatever it is (or was), is done messing with my cabinets!
And here is how I solved the roly poly problem. I caulked every single edge i could find (that wasn’t too big) and caulked it so that nothing could crawl through. Oh yes. Thank goodness!
After I did all this my mom said she had a spray that you spray around the edge of your home to keep them out. She uses it every year because it works for 12 months. I used that afterwards too. We haven’t had a single roly poly *knock on wood* since spraying. Of course, the real test will be the next rainfall we have and will they come in then? That is the only time they come inside.
Edit: It has since rained when I wrote this post last week. We still have steady traffic of a few roly poly’s per day but nothing compared to the infestation we had before. I am pleased with the results. The only place they come in now is in the kitchen. They used to come into the den where my office is, but I have only seen 1 or two since spraying. Thank goodness!