I wanted to give an update on how my sunflowers are doing. Here is what they looked like a few weeks ago. I have never planted sunflowers so I didn’t know what they would look like coming up. I knew approximately where I planted them, but that’s it. I really want to have big, beautiful sunflowers but most of all I want the seeds to bake!

See how I spread them apart? Every other one is a normal cluster of sunflowers and the others are multiple-blooming sunflowers. I got them courtesy of my friend Angela and I can’t wait to see what they look like!!!
I also knew that it was supposed to rain all week so we would be starting on our kitchen, dining and pantry tiling (YAYYYYY) so I wanted to get as many weeds out of the grass and flower beds as possible. Ehh who am I kidding .. my dad is coming to stay the night tomorrow and I wanted to make it look nice. 😉 My mom always picks weeds from my garden and yard when she comes over. It’s like a disease she gave me. Anyways, here is what the front looks like although I still need to trim back those flowery bushes (I don’t know what any plants are called so I make names up).
I hate that decorative grass stuff too. It’s okay in certain places but it looks like that is all they planted and it looks so weird. I want some color and depth so I want to get some boxwoods and hollys (1 male and 1 female). The only reason I know the names of those is because I planted some at the old house and we had some already there. Yeah, I liked them quite a lot.