If anyone has ever told you that tiling is either easy or fun, they are flat out lying to you. Either that or they are trying to sell you something. The half bathroom is NOTHING compared to this monstrosity we call a kitchen! We were up until 1:30am last night laying this tile. JUST THIS!
Of course, I have to brag a little and tell you that I was the one who measured all the tiles on the edges, drew them out and gave them to Brad to be cut. A lot of these are really odd-shaped cuts. For example, the tiles that are up against the door frame of the back door have to go up under the door frame but only come against the wall and trim. I got the second one (bottom) done in one cut! No professional tiling company could have done that, let me tell you. Yeah, I’m really proud of myself.
Also we went to Lowes the other day and we were looking at dishwashers because ours will die soon, I know it will. It sounds like a boat motor that is running over a stump in the water. (Note: I grew up on the lake so those are my best analogies, sorry.)
We had a Bosch dishwasher at our old place and absolutely fell in love with it! It was so reliable and you didn’t even need to pre-rinse anything. I know people always say that, but is it really true? Yes, with a Bosch, it is. The dishwasher wasn’t brand-new either and so the fact that it ran so well even after the warranty was done was amazing to me. We are now loyal Bosch dishwasher owners. Once this POS GE kicks the dust (or if I can convince the hubby to replace it sooner) then we will be getting a concealed-control dishwasher in stainless steel.
On that note, I still think that it’s a little ridiculous that stainless is so much higher in price than black or white appliances but I think it looks classier and cleaner so I am willing to pay the extra.