All my life I have always visited the dentist on a regular basis. I even had braces for 4 years in middle/high school. It was traumatic but I’m over it. Anyways, when I met my husband I had no idea that some people just don’t go to the dentist. I was completely baffled!
I mean, I know that some people are afraid of the dentist (like myself) but I still went. I will spare you the horrifying details about how long it had been since my husband went because you just might not make it through the rest of this post. I will tell you that I have successfully forced him to find a dentist and actually utilize their services.
As for my dentist, he is the real-life McDreamy. He is gorgeous, nice, hot, friendly, talkative (odd, I know, for a dentist), and did I mention hot? Best of all I can easily remember his name because it’s Brad .. same as my husband. Haha!! Well this dentist I saw for the first time since moving to Fishers and he said that it looked like I grind my teeth a lot and I probably got migraines from it.
.. wait a second ..
Did he just tell me why I got all these migraines and my neurologist (yes, I see a specialist) just wanted to drug me up?! I was beyond ecstatic until I found out the price .. $400 out of pocket (insurance paid the other half). I debated for a while but decided to purchase this tiny little device:

Serioulsy, I paid that much money for something so small that looks ridiculous?
Don’t worry I made the flash extra bright so you don’t have to see my yellow teeth or pores on my face. =) You’re welcome.
Well a few months later and not a single migraine! I love my dentist and not only because he is hot, but because he has saved me from many migraines to come. One thing I was not happy about was when talking with a friend of mine, she said she works in a dentists office and that little piece of plastic cost my dentist $29. TWENTY-NINE DOLLARS!!! I am supportive and all for paying for his medical school but good gracious!!
And by the way, I had my first crown put in February of this year .. if anything will motivate you to floss, that is it!!!!! I never want to go through that ever again in my entire life.