I grew up on the lake. My dad was (and pretty much still is) obsessed with slalom skiing. He is in his late 50’s and still can ski the entire course and at a very respectable speed too. Well I never caught on with skiing too much but I really took a big liking to kneeboarding. I love it, to no end. I haven’t tried it since my car accident back in 2002 but I am hoping to be able to do it once again.
Well this past weekend I went out on the lake with some friends of mine and they introduced me to a new sport, wake surfing.
Now I had never even heard of this or knew it could be done but my friend Tara (in these pics) has a boyfriend that is really into water sports. He has a few wakeboards and this surf board. They were an absolute blast to hang out with and I would love to embarass myself trying this sport out, but I havent even attempted wakeboarding yet.
Apparently once you get good enough and catch the wake just right, you can toss the handle/rope back into the boat and just ride. Tara rode this wake for a good minute or so. It was pretty awesome.
Hopefully next Monday won’t be too packed (you know, with the holiday and all) but I will attempt to wakeboard either way. This past weekend the water was ice cold but the warm weather made it feel better. I chose to not set myself up for pneumonia but will allow this 80-degree weather to warm up the lake this week. I’m sure next weekend will be nothing short of amazing.