I would like to join in today in sending a big thank you to all of my followers and fellow “Blog Buddies” out there. One of my fellow blog buddies actually made this amazingly funny card online:
If you haven’t already been there, please visit KJPugs new blog about her newlywed life and everyday advendures! She is one of the funniest people I know (in a blogger buddy kind of way). PEE ESS – not sure if you knew this but our first and middle names are the same (KJ). 🙂
I also have a real-life friend .. yes, I have a few of those .. who has been blogging more recently about her Newfoundland’s TPLO surgery here at Cookie on the Loose. My friend’s nickname is Cookie (via her boyfriend .. ahem fiance?? .. ) and her dog’s name is Kahlua. She is the most amazing dog I know; so resiliant. My friend is about to start a new blog, too, just for her own adventures and baking endeavors because she loves to bake, especially from other fellow blogger’s websites.
Even though I don’t have many blog buddies, I do very much appreciate all of you who comment and read my blog posts .. even if they aren’t as funny as I wish they were. Thank you for being so loyal and I promise to make my posts much more ineteresting as the summer progresses.