Okay, well I am not “officially” old but I sure to feel like it. my little baby sister just graduated from High School. I am so incredibly proud of her. She also got into the nursing program at IUPUI (where her big sister just happened to go as well). 😉
Our mom, Katie and her dad. I’m glad my dad is super tall so I am not a shortie like these three. Haha.
Katie and her boyfriend John. He is nice. Yes, that is all I have to say about my 18-year-old sisters’s boyfriend that she lives with.
The crowd was HUGE (900+ kids) but Katie’s boyfriend got us front-row seats!! See that really, super tall guy in the black towards the left of the picture … my sister is two girls (aka red caps) to the right in the picture. She is looking right at the camera laughing. 😉
Some things never change. . . they gave our class at NC glow sticks as well. I think it’s a great tradition although 8 years after my high school graduation, I really wish I had thrown my cap and “accidentally” lost it so I don’t feel guilty when I throw it away one day. I feel like a hoarder.
On to college, little sis! Don’t screw it up like I did, please.