I have never had much of a green thumb. Our first home that we lived in for the past two years actually was professionally landscaped with very low-maintenance plants. I absolutely loved it. It was gorgeous. Even the woman who bought our house commented on it (and it was winter).
This house came special with weeds and overbearing lilies and orchids and some kind of purple flower that was EVERYWHERE! Well, it has been warm long enough and even our annoying neighbors that don’t do any yard work and have a rock garden for a backyard have a nicer looking front yard. No way I am going to let anyone show me up! I did all of this on Monday (after I went to the Indy 500 all day Sunday and roasted..). I did it all by myself.

I relocated these decorative grasses and LOVE them here! The other plant was already there.
Two Wintergreen Boxwoods (top) that I will eventually shape into boxes 1’x1′. Also a Blue Prince and Princess Holly. The princess (darker one on the bottom) actually blooms red berries that are so beautiful in the summer. They get MUCH bigger!!
To give you an idea of just how much of a green thumb I don’t have, I have actually allowed a bamboo plant to die. Bamboo needs water like once every other week and little to no sunlight. Yes, I killed bamboo. Let’s hope these plants will survive despite my “green thumb”.